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Smog Check by B&C Auto

Smog Check in Willow Glen

The most reliable smog check in Willow Glen San Jose is at B&C Auto Center. According to California state law, your vehicle must have a smog check every two years. In order to keep your vehicle legal and free of harmful emissions, we inspect your vehicle thoroughly and fix anything preventing it from passing inspection. Our state-of-the-art emission testing technology allows us to hook up a system to your exhaust and identify amounts and types of emissions. From acquiring detailed information about your vehicle, we’re able to give your vehicle the care it needs.

In addition to passing the emissions test and renewing the legality of your car, you’ll contribute to keeping our California air clean. In Willow Glen, the boys at BC Auto Center take pride in doing smog checks. We’re not radical environmentalists – we just love automobiles. If we can make your car run better, clean up the environment and keep California law happy with one smog check, we’re all in.

We perform the smog check on all makes and models and want to give your vehicle one today. Stop into BC Auto Center and better your riding experience by knowing your emissions are on par with legal standards. See you at the shop!