Complete Brake Inspection and Repair in San Jose

Brake repair service is an integral part of any auto maintenance and repair job. A complete brake job begins with a thorough inspection of your car’s brake system and concludes in restoring its performance to its original level. There are many components to the brakes in your car and their condition affects the overall functioning of the brake system. The initial inspection will identify which brake components need to be replaced or repaired.

Our expert auto maintenance and repair technicians will first carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s entire brake system, including lining condition, rotors and drums, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses, lines, and master cylinder. The need for replacing any of the brake components will depend upon the factors like age, mileage and degree of wear and tear.

The auto mechanics in our San Jose center are trained to perform a brake job that lasts for many miles of safe driving, giving you complete peace of mind. Our comprehensive brake repair job can include the following depending upon the condition of your car’s brake system:

  • Refinishing the rotors and drums if they are within machine specifications. Or replacing the rotors and drums if they are worn out and become too thin to refinish and reuse.
  • Replacing damaged, corroded, kinked or leaking steel lines; we make use of only approved steel tubing with double-flared or ISO flare ends for steel brake lines.
  • Replacing or rebuilding the leaking, damaged, badly corroded or frozen caliper or wheel cylinder.
  • Replacing the master cylinder of your car’s brake system if it leaks or the brake pedal gradually sinks to the floor.
  • Replacing swollen, chaffed, leaking or age cracked hoses ensuring that the replacement hoses have the same type of end fittings as the original.
  • Inspecting and replacing (if required) the hardware components if they appear to be in compromised or in poor condition.
  • Lubricating caliper pins and caliper contact points using only high temperature synthetic or silicone brake grease.
  • Cleaning and repacking the wheel bearings with new bearing grease and installing new grease seals when applicable. (Factory sealed bearings are not serviceable)
  • Replacing old brake fluid with fresh fluid using a pressure exchange system.

So if you live in the San Jose area and are looking for a quality brake repair job for your car, please give us a call. We, at B&C Auto Center in San Jose are well equipped and experienced to offer a complete brake repair job - a job where nothing is left undone to save time or money. That’s why when it comes to your vehicle’s brake system we believe safety must come first.

Overlooking any of the above components may not have any immediate impact on your car’s brake system, but it will definitely give you problems at some point down the road. So, bring your car to us if you notice any brake problems and we will provide you with outstanding brake repair service. Call or email us at [email protected] and schedule your vehicle for a thorough brake inspection today.