Factory Maintenance Service

Maintaining the safety and reliability of a car is the responsibility of both the car owner and the car manufacturer factory maintenance service helps in ensuring that your car always remains in top running condition and serves you for many years to come.

Car manufacturers know how important a car is for its user. They have a responsibility to ensure that your car always remains dependable and safe and functions efficiently for a long period. For this, both car manufacturer and the owner need to ensure a properly maintained car. And this is possible by taking a preventive auto maintenance approach.

Preventive car maintenance refers to regular maintenance of your car to ensure that your engine runs efficiently, emission controls function properly, and to reduce the possibility of a sudden breakdown, leaving you stranded. Preventive maintenance also minimizes the possibility of any severe breakdown that may need costly auto repair.

Car manufacturers suggest maintenance schedules for each car to help prevent high cost auto repairs and extend the life of your car. If you are a resident of San Jose or the surrounding community and are looking for a reputable auto repair and maintenance center, come to us. We at B&C Auto Center in San Jose can help you follow your car’s factory recommended maintenance schedule, regardless of the make and model of your car.

Factory maintenance service for your car refers to the detailed maintenance schedules recommended by the car manufacturer, to be carried out at different mileage and or time intervals. This schedule clearly outlines the specific maintenance operations to be performed on various car components and systems to ensure proper functioning of your car and help prevent any premature breakdown. It is advisable for every car owner to follow their car manufacturer’s maintenance schedules to keep the factory warranty intact and maintain the extended warranty.

We are one of the leading car repair and maintenance service providers in San Jose. Our technicians are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services for most vehicles. Our San Jose auto service offers a comprehensive package that helps you follow your vehicle’s factory maintenance service schedule and fulfill the following objectives:

  • Ensuring a dependable and safe car
  • Retaining the “new car feel” of your vehicle
  • Preventing the need for a costly car repair
  • Ensuring cleaner air
  • Keeping the factory warranty intact
  • Enhancing the trade-in value of your car

We offer factory maintenance service for all foreign and domestic cars based on the data provided by the ALLDATA(R) Automotive Information System- a reliable automotive information system. It offers vehicle specific repair and diagnostic information and factory-issued Technical Service Bulletins.

If you are looking for a San Jose auto service provider with a reliable auto maintenance and repair record, then bring it to us! Call us or write to us at [email protected] to get all your questions related to factory maintenance service and auto repair service in San Jose answered.