Timing Belt Replacement and Service

A timing belt, like other auto parts, is a critical component required for efficient and/or reliable functioning of your car. Located on the front of the engine under a plastic or metal cover, timing belts ensure consistent operation of the crankshaft, camshaft, and valves in a proper sequence. While most engines in earlier times featured timing chains, today’s engines make use of much lighter, quieter and more efficient timing belts.

Like other auto components, timing belts can also wear out and deteriorate over a period of time. So, as a car owner you need replace it at intervals according to manufacturer’s recommendations. If the timing belt on your car breaks the engine will stop and you will be stranded. To avoid it, you need to adopt a preventive maintenance approach.

We at B&C Auto Center in San Jose can replace your vehicle’s timing belt efficiently at regular intervals, as per the replacement schedule recommended by the auto manufacturer and listed in the owner’s manual. We are one of the leading auto repair and maintenance service providers in the San Jose area. Our technicians are trained to perform any kind of car repair and tune up your vehicle to restore its optimal performance.

According to most auto experts and aftermarket service professionals, timing belt replacement needs to be done on a scheduled basis (at regular intervals), as it is not possible for a car owner to visually inspect a timing belt. Also, it requires the services of an expert car mechanic for it to be done efficiently and correctly. We, at B&C Auto Center, have years of experience in auto repair and service and will perform any automotive repair on your car with the highest quality and care. Once your car gets out of our San Jose auto repair shop, you can rest assured it will be running in optimum condition.

In the context of timing belt failure, it is important to understand the difference between a ‘free-running’ engine and an ‘interference’ engine. In case of a ‘free-running’ engine, the engine stops without any mechanical damage in the event of the breaking of the timing belt. You only need to get a new belt installed to get your car moving. However, this is not the case with an ‘interference’ engine. When the timing belt breaks, it may result in mechanical engine damage that may require an expensive repair job or even replacement of the engine. Our San Jose auto repair shop can assist you in both those situations.

In most cases, the quotes for timing belt replacement in Willow Glen are based on installing a new timing belt, timing belt tensioner, and accessory drive belt/s. Once the timing belt cover is removed our technicians are trained to inspect related components such as the water pump, idler pulley/s, and oil seals that are not generally visible before disassembly. We will give you an estimate of the repairs needed for your vehicle when it is brought in for inspection.

If you are looking for a car service provider in the San Jose area with a reliable automotive maintenance and repair record, get in touch with the professionals at B&C Auto Center.

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