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Do You want to replace your transmission?

I didn’t think so….I mean its a whole lot of money, dough, mula, dinero. Transmission repair shops are making a fortune on the mere fact that people don’t know that they need to change, and replace their ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). At elevated operating temperatures, ATF oxidizes, turns brown and takes on a smell like burnt toast. As heat destroys the fluid’s lubricating qualities and friction characteristics, varnish begins to form on internal parts (such as the valve body) which interferes with the operation of the transmission. If the temperature gets above 250 degrees F., rubber seals begin to harden, which leads to leaks and pressure losses. At higher temperatures the transmission begins to slip, which only aggravates overheating even more. Eventually the clutches burn out and the transmission calls it quits. The only way to repair the damage now is with an overhaul — a job which can easily run upwards of $2300 on a late model front-wheel drive car or minivan. A cos ... read more