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Willow Glen/San Jose Auto Repair

Have you ever been to Willow Glen? If you have then you know its like an old-time community with all the appeal. It’s like a family. Well guess what, there are all types of members in this family and we at B&C Auto Center are one of them. First of all, two of our employees live in the Willow Glen Community, that makes them officially one of the family. Second, our auto repair shop has been located in Willow Glen for more than 3 decades. So from that stand point we are old timers-seen the changes and lived to tell. What does this tell you about us? We are here to stay! We aren’t going anywhere. We are going to make sure that we stay for another 3 decades. It also means more, we cater to you. If you live in the 95125 or 95124 zip code we will pick up your vehicle from your house and bring it in for service and then drop it back in your driveway. How’s that for family? We value relationship, and yours is important to us. So if you are looking for car repair in Willow Gle ... read more

The Importance of Fluid Exchanges

Fluids are vital to a vehicle’s life. They are exposed to extreme pressures, temperatures, moisture, and contaminants. Most people are aware of the need to change their engine oil since it gets dirty as a byproduct of combustion. Other fluids will also become less effective at lubrication and corrosion protection as they oxidize and become saturated with contaminants. The longer they go the less they are able to lubricate and protect. Accelerated wear of internal components is the result. This would include manual and automatic transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, and power steering systems. Brake fluid by nature absorbs water from the air and as a result will corrode internal brake components like master cylinders and ABS units as well as lowering the boiling point of the fluid. Replacing the fluids on schedule removes the contaminants and refreshes their lubrication and corrosion abilities

How do I choose an auto repair shop in San Jose?

If you live in San Jose or even the surrounding areas you know how large of a city it is. Its not just large in population, it is large in area or mile, 178 miles approximately. So how on earth does one choose an auto repair shop in this massive city? The first and probably most reliable way is to go by a recommendation of someone you trust. For most of us this is how we “search” for many new services. We ask our friends or family members. This allows us to ask questions of an unbiased nature and trust that we will receive honest answers. We generally know and trust the person recommending and therefore we have a back-ground on their views and standards. I believe this is one of the best ways to find an autorepair shop in San Jose. It takes a lot of the guess-work out of the scenario. Now if that is not enough of a lead you can take the search into your own hands. There are 4 other parameters you might look at in finding an auto maintenance and repair shop. One is locati ... read more

Location, Location, Location for auto repair & maintenance

It has been said that location is everything. I believe it to be true, at least in my world. I won’t go out of my way for many things and if something is in my magic circle I am more likely to visit it. That being said, an auto repair shop anywhere but especially in San Jose is a lot to do with location. Is it conveniently located to me or my work, or my kids day care? Whatever is your “magic circle or miles” its important to you. In a valley of everything is better if it takes less time, auto repair isn’t one of them. Auto repair is an important thing to take time on and do it right the first time. So look for a shop in your are that meets your expectations of price and distance, or magic circle. If you live in the Willow Glen area we are that shop for you. We are located on Almaden Road between Malone and Willow Glen Way. We’ve been here for over 30 years, and even better we’ll give you a ride and wash your v ... read more

Auto Repair Shop Reputation

The words almost seem to contradict themselves… meaning can an auto repair shop have a GOOD reputation? Well I certainly believe so! There are so many ways to check a shop’s reputation and the easiest is online. You can view reviews and comments on the web at your convenience. Just make sure that you also view who is reviewing or commenting and take into account their other reviews or comments on other businesses. This will allow you to see if they have a pattern in their reviews or a bias. In addition, one of the best reviews or opinions can come from a friend who has used the repair shop before and can attest to the shops performance and credibility. Remember, in all you hear and read take into account that everyone and every business has off days and people make mistakes! It’s how a shop handles those mistakes that is important and are they most concerned with the customer’s satisfaction. In addition to opinions, reviews and comments you can tell a lot about an auto ... read more

Auto Repair Shop & You

Choosing an auto repair shop in San Jose or anywhere can be daunting and we’ve been talking about how to choose the right one for you. We’ve handled price, location, reputation, recommendation and now we talk fit. Not does it fit your schedule or your foot, but does the shop’s personality fit yours. I work with a lot of clients and vendors in my line of work and sometimes our personalities crash, so one or both of us move on. Its not a bad thing it just is something that needs to happen. Everyone works more efficiently when there is a fit. The same can fall true when choosing an automotive repair shop. The personality of the shop is apparent from the service managers to the automotive technicians and the overall “look” and appearance of the shop. If someone or something doesn’t agree with you or turns you off, you might have a difficult time. It might work into a situation where it ruins or hinders trust or competence and that is not good for the shop or you. Overall, fit ... read more

What’s in an Emergency Roadside kit?

If you are at all like a lot of the men I know, you don’t see the need. If you are like the women I know you think no big deal I have AAA or some other roadside assistance program. I am here to tell you that a roadside emergency kit is imperative! I have AAA and many times I have needed to call them, however there have been multiple times when I have used my roadside kit and its contents instead. The question shouldn’t be, “Should I?” it should be “When I do what is best to have in it?” That being said, auto repair and maintenance is not something you WANT to do on the side of the road…… but you want to be safe when you are stuck on the side of the road. Thus the name “Emergency….. roadside kit”. So as the contents go, there are many opinions/suggestions on its contents. I am going to try and give you the basics plus some….. The basics in your kit should look something like this… Gloves, flares, rags, jumper cables, a lighter, a flash light and water. Now we a ... read more

Auto safety during the holidays

I know this sounds crazy! Believe it or not more vehicles get stolen and/or broken into during the holidays than any other time of the year! There are a few things you can do to “deter” said intruders. 1. Keep anything “enticing” out of sight. This means electronics, packages, bags that might be misconstrued as packages, even electronics cords. Another hot item is Cd’s or DVD’s and GPS units. These are easy to steal and move in the market without being detected. 2. Do put your alarm on. I know they can be annoying. However, even the little blinking light can deter the wishful. 3. Park in well-lit areas whenever possible. This keeps many at bay, due to the possibility of being seen. 4. Don’t talk in the parking lot about where you live or where you are going, ie. to eat or shopping. This gives a time frame and opportunity. Overall these are basic ideas but they can save your vehicle and you from damage and theft. Automotive safety during the holidays is easy b ... read more

Car repair in San Jose

There are two things most people hate spending money on dental work and car repair, especially after the holidays. Neither are pleasant experiences and both can be quite costly. (no offense to the dentists in the group) However, just like preventative dental care saves you money in the long run, preventative car maintenance or repair can save you money. Bring your car to your auto repair shop in San Jose for its regular “check-up”. This will help you stay on top of things and allow you to catch potentially expensive auto repairs before they get there. Regular automotive repair and maintenance can keep your vehicle running at optimum performance as well as keeping things assessed so that when something isn’t right you can catch it before it leaves you stranded