Auto Repair and Cleanliness seem to be an oxymoron…

Why is it that these two subjects, Auto Repair and Cleanliness, seem to contradict one another? Not to mention, the fact that you are up against two opinions in regards to the subject. The first is that if an auto repair shop is clean then they don’t repair autos well. The second is that if they aren’t clean then they are disorganized and don’t care about your vehicle. Now granted there are many variations on these two opinions but the fact is how do you rectify them?

We think that cleanliness is always better. It makes a better statement about the work that the auto repair shop does. It states that they pay attention to detail and are concerned with the customer’s needs and perceptions. Besides who wants to go in and drop off their car and come out with grease on their hands or shirt. If you don’t want to fix your own car that’s why you bring it in.

In addition, cleanliness can mean better organization which translates to you, as a customer, to lower prices. If tech and service writers are organized jobs take less time and therefore cost less.

We understand that you have the perception that to do a good job you have to get your hands dirty. However, only the automotive technicians are really the ones who have to get their hands dirty. With that being said we can assure you that our auto repair shop in San Jose is clean and better run shop.


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