Auto Repair Shop & You

Choosing an auto repair shop in San Jose or anywhere can be daunting and we’ve been talking about how to choose the right one for you. We’ve handled price, location, reputation, recommendation and now we talk fit. Not does it fit your schedule or your foot, but does the shop’s personality fit yours. I work with a lot of clients and vendors in my line of work and sometimes our personalities crash, so one or both of us move on. Its not a bad thing it just is something that needs to happen. Everyone works more efficiently when there is a fit. The same can fall true when choosing an automotive repair shop. The personality of the shop is apparent from the service managers to the automotive technicians and the overall “look” and appearance of the shop. If someone or something doesn’t agree with you or turns you off, you might have a difficult time. It might work into a situation where it ruins or hinders trust or competence and that is not good for the shop or you. Overall, fit is a personal issue, however like a great pair of shoes, if they don’t fit, they will cause pain over the long run.