Auto Repair Shop Reputation

The words almost seem to contradict themselves… meaning can an auto repair shop have a GOOD reputation? Well I certainly believe so! There are so many ways to check a shop’s reputation and the easiest is online. You can view reviews and comments on the web at your convenience. Just make sure that you also view who is reviewing or commenting and take into account their other reviews or comments on other businesses. This will allow you to see if they have a pattern in their reviews or a bias. In addition, one of the best reviews or opinions can come from a friend who has used the repair shop before and can attest to the shops performance and credibility. Remember, in all you hear and read take into account that everyone and every business has off days and people make mistakes! It’s how a shop handles those mistakes that is important and are they most concerned with the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition to opinions, reviews and comments you can tell a lot about an auto repair shop’s reputation by how long they have been in business. Bad shops don’t usually tend to hang on to customers and without customers it is difficult to stay in business, particularly in today’s economic climate. If the shop has been around for a long time it most likely mean that they run a good business and have a quiver of satisfied and returning customers.