Signs That Indicate Hydraulic Power Steering Problems

If you have a traditional power steering system, you most likely rely on power steering fluid for smooth and easy turns. Power steering fluid provides hydraulic pressure, and it sometimes requires maintenance. If your steering fluid is dark, contaminated, or leaking, you will need the appropriate repairs to restore your steering. You may notice the following signs when your power steering is malfunctioning:

Stiff Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel is super stiff and hard to turn, it is a tell-tale sign that you need power steering repairs. It can be hazardous for your power steering to disengage in the middle of driving. You may need a mechanical repair or power steering fluid service.

Slow Response

On the other hand, your steering wheel may feel overly loose. If your wheel movements don’t correspond with your steering wheel, it can mean that you have an alignment issue. However, it is also worth checking if the power steering system is affected. 

Noisy Steering

If steering your vehicle emits loud groans, then it may mean that your power steering system needs service. It will typically only occur when you turn the steering wheel. It can indicate a failing power steering pump or fluid issues. It would be best to take your vehicle to our shop for a proper inspection.

Power Steering Repairs in San Jose, CA

If you are looking for quality power steering repairs or power steering fluid services, please do not hesitate to call or visit the experts at B&C Auto Center soon. We’ll pinpoint the problem, so you can get back to driving with confidence.