Guzzling Gas?

Gas prices are going crazy! UP, UP and Up it seems and always before summer time, when we tend to travel more! So what can you do to get better mileage on a tank of gas? Well first of all keeping up with your car’s repair and maintenace. A tune-up, proper tire pressure and a clean air filter all help. But did you know that your driving habits can have as much or more of an affect on how much gas you burn? By changing your behavior behind the wheel, you can do the environment and your pocket-booka few favors.

  • Accelerate more gradually. No more “Pedal to the Metal”! The harder you press the gas pedal the more juice you’re pouring down the hole.
  • Anticipate stops. By keeping an eye ahead of you by half a block or so, you can see a light changing red and take your foot off the gas earlier. This does not mean you need to create a driving hazard but give yourself some time and don’t be in such a hurry. (its good for your heart too!) By coasting instead of driving under power, you’re burning less fuel.
  • Drive more slowly on the highway. We all want to get there fast, but shaving 5 or 10 miles per hour off your highway speed saves lots of gas, and probably won’t add much time to your trip.
  • Shift gears earlier. If your car has a manual transmission, try shifting gears at a lower RPM. The higher your engine revs the more gas it burns.

Hopefully we all can save a few bucks at the pump by changing our habits. Most of all we need to remember to stay on track with regular maintenance and repair. A small amount of dollars upfront = much less dollars in the future.


Auto Maintenance