Is it time for new tires?

How in the world do you know when you “need” or “have” to replace your tires. If you’re like me, you depend on your auto repair shop or mechanic to tell you “when”. Or if your like me, you don’t want to spend money on something so ugly (yet necessary) as tires! Well, good tires can save you money and your life. Hm mm, well I guess those are my two favorite reasons to do most things.

So here’s the scoop….driving on worn-out or low-grade tires is dangerous. It is estimated by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration that more than 400,000 fatalities and 10,000 injuries occur each year due to tire failure. Although your own death would be horrible, the death of another due to your lack of attention is worse. If your tire blows out on the road and you spin out, in say 6 lanes of traffic…..Yikes! The damage to your car and/or others around you could be devastating. (you know those center divides are made of concrete)

In addition, tires that have low tread and/or tire pressure can cause you to have poor gas mileage. This is where it affects the pocket book. Going to an auto repair shop for a tire inspection can do multiple things. First, they can check to see if your tires are worn down to the degree that they need to be replaced. (this could be pricey but remember above, life vs. death) Second, they can check wear, to see if you need an alignment. Properly aligned tires cause tires to wear evenly, therefore prolonging tire life. Thirdly, an automotive repair shop can do the simplest fix and make sure your tires are properly inflated. This give you optimum gas mileage/performance.

So no matter how you slice it, having your tires checked by your auto shop or technician can save you money or even your life.


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