October is National Car Care Month

The very title sounds like a sales pitch but I guarantee that it is a real thing. It is sponsored by the National Car Care Council. An organization that’s motto reads, “Be Car Care Aware”. Their idea is simple the better care you take of your vehicle the less money it will cost you in the long run. “Be Car Care Aware” is a consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Car Care Month is conducted by individual shops around the country in an effort to help people to take better care of their vehicle and therefore better care of their pocket book and the environment.

B&C Auto Center provides quality car repair and maintenance in San Jose. We are participating in Car Care Month starting today. We want to protect our customers’ second largest investment by providing the proper care and maintenance of their vehicle. Regular maintenace checks and minimal service checkups can greatly reduce the cost of car ownership. Visit us, your neighborhood vehicle maintenance and repair shop in San Jose.


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