Signs of Worn Vehicle Suspension

When you drive the same car every day, you get used to how it feels on the road. Any unusual feeling will definitely stick out like a sore thumb. When you notice a loss in handling and comfortability of your car, one of the first areas you should check is the suspension system. Here are some of the signs of trouble when it comes to the suspension:

Drifting to the Side

Whenever you buckle up for a turn in your car, your suspension system should hold up the vehicle’s weight to minimize the impact. However, you’re more likely to roll over and feel each turn when your car’s shocks are no longer stabilizing the vehicle body against the force of every turn.

Difficulty Steering

Steering troubles often go hand-in-hand with worn suspension parts. Therefore, you should have your suspension components inspected if you notice a stiff or crooked steering wheel. In some cases, the trouble can extend beyond the power steering system. 

Bumpy Ride

Your car, SUV, or truck surely has a suspension system issue if it feels like you can feel every bump and divot in the road when driving. That is why most suspension damages stem from improper driving over potholes, speed bumps, etc. Therefore, you should have a professional mechanic check for signs of leaks or damage when your vehicle no longer feels stable. 

Uneven Tire Tread Pattern

Last but not least, poor suspension can impact how your tires wear down. Examine all your tires and see if their treads are evenly worn. If there are sporadic bald spots or any signs of un-uniform wear, there may be an uneven distribution of weight or pressure on your tires. 


Driving with suspension issues can cause extensive repairs, cost you more money, and increase your risk of causing an accident. If you are looking for quality and dependable suspension repairs, please give our professional repair specialists a call or visit today. We look forward to seeing you at B&C Auto Center.