What’s in an Emergency Roadside kit?

If you are at all like a lot of the men I know, you don’t see the need. If you are like the women I know you think no big deal I have AAA or some other roadside assistance program. I am here to tell you that a roadside emergency kit is imperative! I have AAA and many times I have needed to call them, however there have been multiple times when I have used my roadside kit and its contents instead.

The question shouldn’t be, “Should I?” it should be “When I do what is best to have in it?” That being said, auto repair and maintenance is not something you WANT to do on the side of the road…… but you want to be safe when you are stuck on the side of the road. Thus the name “Emergency….. roadside kit”.

So as the contents go, there are many opinions/suggestions on its contents. I am going to try and give you the basics plus some…..

The basics in your kit should look something like this…

Gloves, flares, rags, jumper cables, a lighter, a flash light and water.

Now we are not “survivor-man” here but here are some additional items you might want to enclose if you live in colder climates,traveling further or in diverse weather conditions….

kitty litter or sand ( helps with traction on slippery surfaces), a blanket or two, some non-perishable food items, a multi-tool knife, a roll of duct tape (the all purpose everything tool) and a first-aid kit.

Granted, you might need an SUV to carry it all in but you will thank yourself in the long run. In any event, if you do get stuck by the road, don’t try to fix it yourself call a professional auto maintenance repair shop that you trust and most of the time they will send someone to get you and your car.