What Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Should You Follow?

Just like everyone around you seems to have an opinion on what you need to personally do to stay healthy and fit, the same is true for your car. It seems that everyone has a different perspective about which maintenance schedule you should follow in order to keep your vehicle operating at its optimal best. The reality is that it depends on your driving habits and the type of car that you own. That being said, there are some general rules that you should follow when deciding how often to perform maintenance on your vehicle.

Idle Cars Need Maintenance As Well

Many car owners make the mistake of thinking that a vehicle seldom driven is a vehicle that never breaks down. This is not actually the case. Cars actually need to be driven quite often in order to continue performing at their best. This is because needs to get hot, the oil needs to move through the system, and batteries depend on a moving vehicle in order to charge. Even tires can begin to show wear if they sit for too long. If you are going to have your vehicle sit for a few weeks or months, you will want to take some preventative steps to make sure that it will still be running great when you next depend on it.

Miles Add Up Quickly

The more you drive, the more frequently you will need to have maintenance performed on your car. Just think about the wear and tear on your brakes alone. There is a general guideline that you should check your brakes every so many miles of driving. However, you will want to do this even more frequently if you do a lot of city driving that is stop and go. Driving long distances will also wear your tires more quickly, so keep that in mind.

Every car is different. Some might need to be serviced at 3,000 miles intervals, while others may be fine to wait for every 7,500 miles to pass before servicing. Please contact B&C Auto Center today if your car is in need of routine maintenance.