Women & Auto Repair Shops

Ok, so I know this may seem like an oxymoron. Like the two do not go, but that is further from the truth. Woman are in a need to know category. They know a ton about all the things they need to know, enough to make them dangerous! Woman HAVE to know something or a lot about almost everything in this world. They function in so many levels of society, moving quickly and discreetly from one responsibility to the next, often assuming the role of the ever present and ever focused. It’s a gift really an ability to function rationally an emotionally. OK, these are generalizations but you get the point. However, when it comes to auto repair we have to be aware of the stealth and knowledge.

Woman make up an estimated 60% – 80% of the automotive customer base. That is huge. So in response we need to be considerate of them and their perceptions. Woman are concerned with the organization and cleanliness of a place and their customer service. While men are most concerned with the lowest price no matter what the service is like to get it.

Woman purchase 52% of the new cars out there and influence 85% of purchases. They are also the ones who schedule, and make the auto repair appointments between 65% and 80% of the time. So in short we need to pay attention to them. Why would you turn away a customer if you had the ability to win them over. Women want to be heard in their concerns, for things to be relayed to them in a non-patronizing and digestible way. They want questions answered and their vehicle fixed right the first time. In addition they want the automotive repair shop to be clean and organized.

Cleanliness is common sense and organization gives people the confidence in your work, so these two things are easy. Maintining an non-patronizing tone and a speak to the customers’ level while having that tone can be difficult. There are two things to remember that will make this easier. One, we are in business because of and for the customer! Without them we would be nothing!! Two, why would we turn away 60% (and I’m being conservative) of our customers just because we don’t want to learn to speak differently? or help someone understand their own needs. Yes it takes a little more effort and time, but time well spent for a life-long customer.

So take a little time, clean up the shop, put your best wrench forward and speak clearly and who know your automotive shop may increase its customers!


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