Is it time for new tires?

How in the world do you know when you “need” or “have” to replace your tires. If you’re like me, you depend on your auto repair shop or mechanic to tell you “when”. Or if your like me, you don’t want to spend money on something so ugly (yet necessary) as tires! Well, good tires can save you money and your life. Hm mm, well I guess those are my two favorite reasons to do most things. So here’s the scoop….driving on worn-out or low-grade tires is dangerous. It is estimated by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration that more than 400,000 fatalities and 10,000 injuries occur each year due to tire failure. Although your own death would be horrible, the death of another due to your lack of attention is worse. If your tire blows out on the road and you spin out, in say 6 lanes of traffic…..Yikes! The damage to your car and/or others around you could be devastating. (you know those center divides are made of concrete) In addition, tires that have low tread and/o ... read more


Auto Maintenance

How do I choose an auto repair shop in San Jose?

If you live in San Jose or even the surrounding areas you know how large of a city it is. Its not just large in population, it is large in area or mile, 178 miles approximately. So how on earth does one choose an auto repair shop in this massive city? The first and probably most reliable way is to go by a recommendation of someone you trust. For most of us this is how we “search” for many new services. We ask our friends or family members. This allows us to ask questions of an unbiased nature and trust that we will receive honest answers. We generally know and trust the person recommending and therefore we have a back-ground on their views and standards. I believe this is one of the best ways to find an autorepair shop in San Jose. It takes a lot of the guess-work out of the scenario. Now if that is not enough of a lead you can take the search into your own hands. There are 4 other parameters you might look at in finding an auto maintenance and repair shop. One is locati ... read more

Location, Location, Location for auto repair & maintenance

It has been said that location is everything. I believe it to be true, at least in my world. I won’t go out of my way for many things and if something is in my magic circle I am more likely to visit it. That being said, an auto repair shop anywhere but especially in San Jose is a lot to do with location. Is it conveniently located to me or my work, or my kids day care? Whatever is your “magic circle or miles” its important to you. In a valley of everything is better if it takes less time, auto repair isn’t one of them. Auto repair is an important thing to take time on and do it right the first time. So look for a shop in your are that meets your expectations of price and distance, or magic circle. If you live in the Willow Glen area we are that shop for you. We are located on Almaden Road between Malone and Willow Glen Way. We’ve been here for over 30 years, and even better we’ll give you a ride and wash your vehicle. How’s that for convenien ... read more

Auto Repair Shop Reputation

The words almost seem to contradict themselves… meaning can an auto repair shop have a GOOD reputation? Well I certainly believe so! There are so many ways to check a shop’s reputation and the easiest is online. You can view reviews and comments on the web at your convenience. Just make sure that you also view who is reviewing or commenting and take into account their other reviews or comments on other businesses. This will allow you to see if they have a pattern in their reviews or a bias. In addition, one of the best reviews or opinions can come from a friend who has used the repair shop before and can attest to the shops performance and credibility. Remember, in all you hear and read take into account that everyone and every business has off days and people make mistakes! It’s how a shop handles those mistakes that is important and are they most concerned with the customer’s satisfaction. In addition to opinions, reviews and comments you can tell a lot about an auto ... read more

Auto Repair Shop & You

Choosing an auto repair shop in San Jose or anywhere can be daunting and we’ve been talking about how to choose the right one for you. We’ve handled price, location, reputation, recommendation and now we talk fit. Not does it fit your schedule or your foot, but does the shop’s personality fit yours. I work with a lot of clients and vendors in my line of work and sometimes our personalities crash, so one or both of us move on. Its not a bad thing it just is something that needs to happen. Everyone works more efficiently when there is a fit. The same can fall true when choosing an automotive repair shop. The personality of the shop is apparent from the service managers to the automotive technicians and the overall “look” and appearance of the shop. If someone or something doesn’t agree with you or turns you off, you might have a difficult time. It might work into a situation where it ruins or hinders trust or competence and that is not good for the shop or you. Overall, fit ... read more