Winterize your vehicle….

Most of you might say, “Why would an auto repair shop in San Jose, CA write about winterization? They don’t even know what winter is?” Well, there is some truth to that, however we Californian’s like our vehicles and tend to travel in them, especially to the snow. (we have to visit, because it is not readily available) Anyway there are some things you should check no matter where you live to make sure your vehicle is ready for climate changes. 1. Check your fluids – this means, oil, anti-freeze; Oil needs to be the right viscosity, or thickness for this time of year. Oil will often thicken the colder it gets which keeps it from properly lubricating. In regards to anti-freeze or coolant every vehicle requires a certain mixture of coolant tot water. Your owner’s manuel will tell you. If either fluid needs changing or exchanging your best bet is to bring it to a local shop, they can take care of it quickly and have the systems set in place to dispose of the waste ... read more


Auto Maintenance

Auto safety during the holidays

I know this sounds crazy! Believe it or not more vehicles get stolen and/or broken into during the holidays than any other time of the year! There are a few things you can do to “deter” said intruders. 1. Keep anything “enticing” out of sight. This means electronics, packages, bags that might be misconstrued as packages, even electronics cords. Another hot item is Cd’s or DVD’s and GPS units. These are easy to steal and move in the market without being detected. 2. Do put your alarm on. I know they can be annoying. However, even the little blinking light can deter the wishful. 3. Park in well-lit areas whenever possible. This keeps many at bay, due to the possibility of being seen. 4. Don’t talk in the parking lot about where you live or where you are going, ie. to eat or shopping. This gives a time frame and opportunity. Overall these are basic ideas but they can save your vehicle and you from damage and theft. Automotive safety during the holidays is easy b ... read more

Car repair in San Jose

There are two things most people hate spending money on dental work and car repair, especially after the holidays. Neither are pleasant experiences and both can be quite costly. (no offense to the dentists in the group) However, just like preventative dental care saves you money in the long run, preventative car maintenance or repair can save you money. Bring your car to your auto repair shop in San Jose for its regular “check-up”. This will help you stay on top of things and allow you to catch potentially expensive auto repairs before they get there. Regular automotive repair and maintenance can keep your vehicle running at optimum performance as well as keeping things assessed so that when something isn’t right you can catch it before it leaves you stranded